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Our specialty at ECO WORLD HOMES is providing unique, energy-efficient Tiny Homes built with insulated SIPS panels. Our business is committed to offering environmentally friendly housing solutions that put your comfort and the environment first. With a thorough grasp of our client’s requirements and preferences, we work hard to design stunning, functional, and environmentally friendly houses that go above and beyond.


Eco World Homes are built in a factory, using eco-friendly recycled products, enabling the homeowner to minimize energy losses, while reducing the home’s, operating expenses. Sound like a dream. Now it is available online directly to consumers.

We offer start-to-finish solutions building project(s).  We also offer complete design services.

What makes us unique?

Building System

SIPS stands for Structural Insulated Panels. These panels consist of a foam insulation core sandwiched between two rigid facing materials, typically oriented strand board (OSB). SIPS are used in construction to provide both structural support and insulation in one integrated system. They are designed to offer superior thermal performance, strength, and durability compared to traditional building materials. SIPS are widely used in various construction applications, including Tiny Houses, as they provide excellent insulation properties and streamline the construction process.


Building Tiny Houses with SIPS (Structural Insulated Panels) offers numerous benefits that contribute to their superior construction and performance:

  1. Exceptional Insulation: SIPS provide exceptional thermal insulation, ensuring superior energy efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs. Enjoy a comfortable living space year-round, with reduced reliance on HVAC systems.
  2. Strength and Durability: SIPS are incredibly strong and durable, offering structural integrity and resistance against environmental elements. These panels are designed to withstand high winds, seismic activity, and other challenging conditions, providing long-lasting stability for your Tiny House.
  3. Faster Construction: SIPS streamline the construction process by combining structural support, insulation, and sheathing into a single panel. This results in faster construction times compared to traditional building methods, allowing you to move into your Tiny House sooner and start enjoying your new home.

4. Design Flexibility: SIPS allow for versatile design options, enabling you to create unique and personalized Tiny Houses. The panels can be easily customized to accommodate various architectural styles, floor plans, and aesthetic preferences, ensuring your Tiny House reflects your individuality.

5. Environmental Sustainability: By choosing SIPS for your Tiny House, you contribute to environmental sustainability. These panels are typically made from renewable materials, such as foam insulation sandwiched between oriented strand board (OSB), reducing the carbon footprint associated with construction. Additionally, the excellent insulation properties of SIPS promote energy efficiency, reducing your ecological impact.

Commitment with the Californian community.

Affordable homes for sale and rent.


As California and Arizona grapple with an escalating housing crisis, our Tiny Houses company is deeply committed to addressing the pressing social concern. With over 300 acres of property land in these states, we have taken the initiative to collaborate with various associations to deploy these sustainable housing solutions in different cities across California and Arizona.

We always have affordable rental housing options for those in need. We also have an In-house financial firm, which can help you with the acquisition of a loan in order to obtain affordable housing.

Institutions that share our vision and collaborate with us to solve the U.S. housing crisis.

Do you own property in California or Arizona?

Did you know that in most cases Tiny Houses are not subject to the regulations of conventional houses?

We can help you create a passive income in the rental market.

We have an in-house licensed finance and real estate brokerage firm. We can help you through the entire process, from financing the unit to finding tenants.

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